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Orange peel cake easy and delicious

Orange Peel Cake: Easy and Perfuming

Try these super-easy, irresistibly airy orange peel mini-cakes and make a wonderful fun and aromatic afternoon! Ingredients for Cakes & Glaze 2   oranges 1 1/2 …

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Orange blossom essential oil is an extract of blossoms

Orange Blossom Essential Oil: A Gift From Nature

Orange Blossom essential oil is extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree through the process of steam distillation. It takes 1000 pounds of …

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Iran is the world largest producer of barberry fruit

Barberry Fruit: Edible Ruby from Khorasan Province

Seedless barberry fruit is member of family Berberidaceae. It has been widely used as a food additive. In Iran more than 5,000 tones of barberries …

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"The black tea with rose petals is so delicious that my guests who come to visit always ask for it directly. Much better than any other black tea!"
Leonie Kuenecke
"The city of Iran that I remember with the most nostalgia is Shiraz which fascinated me for the harmony of its colors, among which I remember with particular joy the pink. I rediscover those sensations by tasting the herbal tea from Shiraz roses: so delicate and sweetly scented, it evokes the warmth and affection of Persian hospitality."
Donatella Gratton
"When I tried Serai global saffron for the first time, I realized that until then I had used a spice that didn't deserve to bear this name! The scent, the taste, the color are magical. All my family members received a box as a Christmas gift and it was a great success. We could never go back!"
Ermanna Panizon