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Where the name Serai originates from



The term Serai derives from the ancient Persian word “sarāī” and means “mansion or inn”. It is first mentioned in Persian literature in 1609 and defines a caravansary. Caravanserai is a compound word consisting of two Persian words: caravan or tour group and Serai, a stopover. For thousands of years Caravanserais were places of recreation and trade on the travel and trade routes. One of the most famous routes was the Silk Road leading from east to west, from China to India to Arabia and back. In ancient times, trade routes were the only ways goods and people could move.

Abbas the Great (1571-1629) was the 5th Shah of the Safavid dynasty and one of the most powerful shahs of Persia.

In addition to his love for art, he supported the economy of his country and cultivated international relations. He moved his capital from the city of Qazvin to Isfahan and expanded the diplomatic relations of Persia to Europe. Shah Abbas was a great builder, transforming Isfahan into one of the most beautiful cities in the world with unique architecture.

To promote trade, Shah Abbas had old caravansaries renovated and new ones built. The caravanserais served to provide business travelers with safety and comfort during their travels. They were the first kind of business hotels where traders rested, ate and refreshed, but also exchanged information with other travelers. Traders from Egypt showed their leather slippers to others from India, and travelers from India warned of unrest on particular parts on the route to east. During the night in a Serai, one of them told how delicious the butter was in Basra, and another was astonished how the people in Pir-Panjal spun cashmere into threads to make valuable fabrics. The exchange of stories and experiences led to new ideas and new business.


Serai.Global’s roots are Persia. We offer exquisite products from the regions of ancient Persia. For us as Serai.Global, it is important to stay close to our origin in order to be able to offer the best products prepared in superb traditional ways.

Our goal is to make Persian products accessible to people around the world and to bring Persian producers together with customers who value unique delicacies that are hard to find elsewhere in this quality. We only offer products made in the borders of ancient Persia.

So we see Serai.Global

Serai.Global selects the highest quality of local products and introduces the people in the region and shows how they produce these goods.

Serai.Global is a “virtual serai” for companies, producers and buyers to introduce and get to know goods. Exchanging information about products, their features and benefits is important to buyers and the basis for making a purchase decision, but it can also lead to new business ideas and applications and increase business volume through new contacts. New cooperation is created for the benefit of both sides.

Our vision: connecting the cultures through trade

Beside guaranteeing the delicacy and perfection of the products, Serai.Global intends to introduce the culture standing behind them. We want to share the story and the history behind our products. The traditional way of life is still lived in Persia and this is what we want to illustrate together with our offerings.

Serai.Global does not want only to sell the merchandises from local people, but also to share their stories with the rest of the world.

At Serai.Global you can find the recipes originated from old Persia and still used there in daily live.