Serai Premium Dried White Mulberries

Dried white mulberries are high in caloric content and very healthy snack for children and adults. They contain anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins A and C, tannins, minerals and pectin.

Region of Origin: Different areas of Iran

Recommended Usage: By itself or mixed with cereals and muesli

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Dried white mulberries are kind of dried fruit which their consumption are very popular in Iran. They are consumed as snack or with breakfast. They are high in caloric content and very healthy snack for children and adults. Different area in Iran produce this kind of dried fruit with excellent quality.

Dried white mulberries nutrition

Dried white mulberries contain:

  • anti-oxidants
  • fiber
  • vitamins A and C
  • tannin
  • minerals
  • pectin

100 grams of these dried fruit contain approximately 61 calories and 0.9 grams of protein. It also contains a significant amount of calcium.

A wide range of benefits of this dried fruit

Traditional medicine appreciate mulberries to benefit our health in various ways:

  • assist the body in making healthy blood
  • laxative effect if eaten before breakfast in the morning
  • contribute to a healthy liver and spleen

Mulberries are high in iron content. They are thus beneficial to anemic patients and those suffering from iron deficiency. Dried mulberries are also effective in treating coughs and asthma. Due to their high calcium phosphorus content, dried mulberries are beneficial for healthy gums especially for children. As mulberries are sweet and healthy, people are using them as a replacement for sugar for the elderly and people suffering from diabetes.

Due to their content of water, carbohydrates, vitamins and carotenoid; mulberries are effective in blood production. Mulberries are considered a treatment for people with high blood pressure and women with heavy bleeding.

Dried mulberries contain high amounts of rutin which has been proven to prevent intestinal cancer. Rutin also helps blood clotting, reduces swelling and kills viruses. Daily consumption of dried mulberries is effective in the prevention of cerebral hemorrhaging, high blood pressure, retinal bleeding, acute bronchitis, etc.

Finally due to their sweetness, dried mulberries are effective in the body’s immune system as well as having a calming effect on nerves.


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