Serai Termeh Gift Bag

Termeh Petit Gift Bag


  • Termeh Petit Bag
  • 0.5 gr of top quality Persian Saffron (pistils, superior Nagin quality)
  • 30 gr Nabat (excellent hand crafted crystal sugar)

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Termeh is a type of exquisite hand-woven cloth, primarily woven in Yazd province of Iran. Termeh is woven using high-grade wool and silk.

The background colors used in termeh are jujube red, light red, green, orange and black.

Many patterns are available with the most common being the Paisley design. Termeh are often framed or used as tablecloths or runners.

Due to the high density of the fabric, termeh is more durable than other cloths. However, moisture and direct sunlight are the main causes of termeh discoloration.

In addition, as with other woolen cloths, termeh must be protected against common clothes moths. Since termeh are often lined and laced, washing them with water is not advised. In case they require cleaning, dry-cleaning is advised.


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