Our Finest Infusion Selection from Persia

Serai Orange Blossom

Whether it is Orange Blossom which spread love in Shiraz air or it is the nature of the city which makes its Orange Blossoms to become the most perfumed on the earth? In either case, we don’t know anyone who can resist drinking Serai Orange Blossom infusion.

Serai Rose Buds

We offer two types of Damask Roses. Originating from the gardens around the city of Kashan, north of Isfahan. And roses from the province of Tabriz, north- west of Iran. Both types are cultivated absolutely naturally with no use of herbicides.

Serai White Hibiscus

This beautiful white summer flower, offers you a nice healing tea in winter time. Serai White Hibiscus tea reduces flu and bronchitis symptoms. It also helps digestion system.

Serai Verbena

No wonder Iran’s capital of love, Shiraz, was the home to most famous poets of Iran, Hafiz and Sa’adi. With our astonishing Verbenas, we are honored to offer you some of the love circulating in the perfumed air of Shiraz.

Serai Lavender

Although it is not uncommon product in Europe, Serai Lavender is wild and organic and offers in traditional form. It was traditionally consumed as the whole plant, i.e. with leaves and roots, to remedy strong headaques.

Serai Red Hibiscus

This attractive dried red flowers from south of Iran, offers you an exquisite refreshments, both in heat of summers and cold winters. IT also purifies your liver and boosts your immune system.