Our Finest Tea Selection from Persia​

Serai OP1 Black Tea (Organic)

Serai Organic OP1 Black Tea is an Organic certified tea with very large leaves. The freshness of herbs can be tracked in its aroma. It is slightly sweet.

Serai Damask Rose FBOP Tea

As its name suggests, this tea is a mixture of Organic black FBOP tea with petals of Organic Damask Roses.

Serai BOP Black Tea

This BOP tea has small leaves which are evenly chopped which gives a uniform appearance. Some younger leaves can be identified.

Serai Green Tea

Green tea of special quality with broken leaves. This tea is an organic certificated tea from Caspian Sea highlands.

Serai Green Tea

Premium quality green tea with long, fine leaves. Light and gentle flavour.

Saffron Crystal Sugar

Enjoy your tea with crystal sugar made with Saffron pistils.

Serai FBOP-SP Black Tea

This organic certified black tea comes with small, tiny leaves. It has an elegant appearance with presence of some twigs.

Serai OP1 Black Tea

Serai Premium OP1 Black Tea comes with very large leaves which develop greatly while brewing. This tea has a clean and dry appearance.