Our Finest

Spices Selection

from Persia

Serai Safron Super Negin

Entire pistils of Persian saffron. Our Super Negin saffron has the top quality coming from Khorasan Province of Iran.

Serai Saffron Broken Negin

Broken Negin Persian saffron has the same quality of Super Negin. The price difference is only due to broken pistils.

Serai Golpar

Seeds of a type of wild plant, bring an exotic aroma from Iran's range of high mountains into your dishes and savories.

Serai Black Cumin

We offer cumin from Kerman, a sunny and dry area, in Iran. This environment is the essential necessity to produce the best product.

Serai Herb Sophia Seeds

Organic Sophia Seeds, are gathered from wild plants from highlands in Iran. Our offer is among the best quality of these seeds coming from Azarbayjan Province and Alborz area.

Saffron Christal Sugar

Mixture of crystalized sugar and saffron which are used as sweetener of black or herbal tea, is much appreciated and recommended for good health in old Iranian medicine textbook.

Serai Persian Basil Seeds

Perdian Basil Seeds have been consumed in Iran from old times in sweet drinks. You can make a very pleasant drink with Serai Basil Seeds and enjoy its rich and beneficial substances to boost your health.

Serai Thymus

Serai is offering Thymus from Fars Province, where due to the right environment for this plant, it cumulates the highest amount of effective substances.

Serai Barberries

Khorasan, North-Eastern province of Iran, is famous for these glowing red berries. You can have the best quality of them by ordering them to Serai.Global